Milltek's New Honda Civic Type R Performance Exhaust Elevates Power And Volume

Milltek's New Honda Civic Type R Performance Exhaust Elevates Power And Volume
Mar 2023

Milltek Sport has announced an exciting range of performance exhaust systems for the latest Honda Civic Type R, with benefits including increased engine power and a more distinctive exhaust note. We already found the new Type R to have a louder exhaust note than before, especially in +R mode, in our first drive of the hot hatch, but Milltek's system is another few notches above the stock car.

The exhaust specialist promises a reduction of backpressure of over 20%, which both enhances turbocharger performance and boosts engine power across the rev range. Precisely how much power has increased hasn't been said, but any gains are welcome. A different exhaust valve design has seen a 15% increase in diameter, and the driver can manage the exhaust note and volume via the various driving modes to avoid drawing the ire of neighbors early in the morning or late at night.

Each Type R exhaust system from Milltek is made up of seven parts. This includes a front flex pipe, front silencer or bypass section, and center silencer or bypass section. The system also consists of a rear connecting pipe, a dual rear silencer, the larger valve outlet, and one of several tailpipe tips.

Customers can choose from finishes like Polished Stainless, Brushed Titanium, and Burnt/Blue Titanium. To match the available carbon fiber rear wing, one of Honda's official tuning parts, there is also the option of a carbon fiber finish for the tailpipes. The final option is Cerakote Satin Black.

While Milltek's exhaust system retains the triple tailpipe arrangement, all the pipes are the same size, which it says offers a more streamlined appearance. On the stock Type R, the center pipe is larger, and customers wanting the latter design can also have it. Either way, you get the F40's iconic layout.

Another feature of the Milltek upgrade is a heat shield design that protects the trunk floor from heat transfer while improving airflow in the vicinity of the rear silencer. Resonated, non-resonated, and sports cat systems are all available, and durability is guaranteed by the anti-magnetic T304L 'aircraft grade' stainless steel construction.

The new Civic Type R has already proven to be a hit, with Honda being forced to halt orders in Japan due to high demand. The 2.0-liter turbo-four isn't that much more powerful than before, with 315 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque, but this hot hatch's strength has always been its impeccable balance and handling for a powerful front-wheel-drive car, coupled with an engaging and precise six-speed manual.

By unlocking better performance and acoustics via Milltek's performance exhaust, one of our favorite driver's cars becomes that much more special. You'd better move quickly, though, as Milltek says over 70% of the first batch of exhausts has already been pre-sold.