Oh No, Snow! What You Need in a Winter Car Kit

Oh No, Snow! What You Need in a Winter Car Kit
Oct 2013

Everyone knows there WILL be snow in Nebraska (at some point) during the winter months. Even so, not everyone takes the time to ensure they have what they need in their car in case an emergency happens during a winter storm.
You make sure you have your music for driving, your sunglasses for protecting your eyes, change for snacks and maybe even a trash bag for discarding used coffee cups, but do you have what you NEED?
Read on...
The first thing you want to be sure you have in your car for the winter is a basic winter survival kit.
The Nebraska Department of Transportation recommends you include:
In addition to a winter car kit, it's also crucial to make sure you have the proper tools to help your car move through the snow and ice.
These tools should include:
There's a reason Great Plains Auto Body's busiest season is the winter. Ice and snow present unique challenges when driving so it's best to be prepared.
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